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Every Garden an Eden


stellated and bifurcated algorithms of flesh
partner the celestial chandelier,
tracing the arabesques of serpents and bees

a Hegelian progression of musks and juices,
they thank the sun and the cook's fingers,
inhale beneath the noses of the teeth
that will kiss them, ingest them

whether looked upon or not
each vegetable entwines delicate fingers
rustles a cache-sexe, presses a spear
into the soft loam or brisk air

its cupped seeds ooze as they wait,
tumbling to the ground

doubt that we've been cast away,
lurching back
each time



Reprinted, with revisions, from:
“The 50/50 Show.”Queen Gallery. 382 Queen Street East, Toronto, Canada. 4 August 2011.


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