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A series of primary source studies from documentary media in preparation for designing The Bundle, by Edward Bond in 1984.


Girl student at North-east Forestry Institute. From: Schutless. China. Plate 100.

Polychromatic wood sculpture of the priest Kūya by Kōsho. From The Heritage of Japanese Art. Kodansha Intl. Ltd., 1981.

Grandfather and grandchild in a Huhehot street. From: Schutless. China. Plate 71.


Haniwa of Monkey, Tumulus period. From Sherman E. Lee’s  Reflections of Reality in Japanese Art. Indiana University Press, 1983, Plate 3. Nō Mask of a (Kino) old man. Plate not documented.




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MLA Kaelin, Valérie C.  Name of Work. 1984. Personal sketch book of studies for Edward Bond’s The Bundle. Toronto, 06 Jan. 2013. Web. Add Day, Abbreviation for the Month, Year.