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V. C. Kaelin, 2013.
Photo by Mikaël Lavogiez, Toronto.

V. C. KAELIN, Poet

Valérie C. Kaelin began writing poetry as a teenager. Her commitment to professional production began by enrolling in a workshop with Lynn Crosbie in 1998. Valérie workshops her poems twice a month with Muse Cooperative in preparation for publication. With the completion of In the Academy (E.F. Kaelin, 2006), the storyboard for Module 2 (2007-2012) and the 1998-2011 Production Bible for the School of Image Arts, she returns to an accelerated program of poetry and fiction in 2013.


Under Development

Discrete Trades. Collection of poems. Mentor: Allan Briesmaster


Illustrated Chap Book:

Kaelin, Valérie. Earful - Narrative & Dramatic Poems. Toronto: Polyglot Press & Promotions, 2003.


Writers Groups

Coordinator, Muse Co-operative

Charter Member, Muse Co-operative (Bi-weekly poetry workshop)
Current members include: Clara Blackwood, Suzanne Bowness, David Clink, Kate Marshall Flaherty, Yaqoob Ghaznavi, Valérie C. Kaelin, Sandra Kasturi
Some former members: Rob Coleman, Mark Goldstein, Michael John Edwards, Rudyard Fearon, Andréa Jarmai, Francine P. Lewis (Charter Member), Lottie Price (Founder)




Toronto Writers Workshop

Poetry, with Libby Scheier

Poetry, with Lynn Crosbie



April 06, 2004
Featured Reader: “Love in the Time of Globalization.”
The Art Bar, arranged by David Clink, artistic director.

Mar 14, 2004  
Featured Reader: “Selected Works.”  Syntactic Sunday, arranged by Clara Blackwood, series coordinator.

Arrive early. That’s my advice. This intimate venue fills up quickly…By the time the reading series is underway, it’s 8:30 p.m., and there is standing room only…One of the featured readers, Valerie Kaelin, has a back-up chorus of three women

“Yes, the band. Dani Couture explores Toronto’s reading series: Syntactic Sunday.” Word 10, no. 4 (April 2004): 8.

Feb 10, 2004
Group Performance: “For the Love of Poetry; The Poetry of Love.” The Art Bar, arranged by Andréa Jarmai, Art Bar board member.

Jan 22, 2004
Arranger and Featured Reader: “La Scénographie de la Sirène.” 3rd Floor Ryerson School of Image Arts Gallery.

Oct 10, 2003
Group Performance: “Farewell Celebration.” Nik Beat’s Words & Music at The Renaissance Café.

June 19, 2003
Book Launch Performance: “Earful.”  Performed with Daniela Nardi and Shauna Major. Grabba Jabba Poetry Series, arranged by Claudio Duran.



June 19, 2005
“On the Poetry of Rudyard Fearon.”  Heart of a Poet. Bravo!         Television.

Dec 16, 2004
“La Scenographie de la Sirène.” In Other Words, Host,
Anne Marie Shrouder. CIUT Radio.


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