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Toronto Resources for Emerging Scenographers


Toronto Resources for Emerging Scenographers


Toronto Research Library Picture Collection

Compares most favourably to the New York City Public Library and the San Francisco Public Library in terms of richness and accessibility. Informs the work of Canadian artists, designers and illustrators who publish and exhibit internationally. In the case of my own work, sources I studied there informed film, TV, theatre and publishing projects reaching as far as Korea, the United States, Europe and Africa. Here, I would like to thank the outstanding Librarians Laureen Howe and Stephanie Ledger, who became colleagues and friends before their retirement. Digital natives should be aware that primary source materials are subject to powerful political, cultural, economic, and technical filters, esp. on the Internet. Diversify forms of visual research in order to obtain a more comprehensive view of your subject.

Iana Georgieva-Kaluba, Librarian
Arts Department, Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge St.
Arts Desk: 416-393-7157
Arts Desk’s "Arts and Culture" blog


Toose Art Supply
For drafting and modeling supplies

Above Ground Art Supply
For book-making boards and acid-free adhesives: also handy in model-making.

Sherwood Digital Copy & Print
Servicing many FCAD Schools for Ryerson University, Amit, Yamini and Ashish have vast experience with large and small format scenographic printing. They work diligently for students and professionals alike. Special thanks for all their help in digitizing so many files for
165 Dalhousie Street; Toronto - 416-203-1951

The Octopus Works: Ready, Set, Recyle
The Craig’s list of the Entertainment Industry (sets, properties, lighting, effects and materials

Fabric by Designers is student-friendly
452 Queen St W

For dressmaking tools and millinery supplies

G&S Dyes


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Additional Continuing Education and Professional Development Courses


Drawing and Painting in the Realist Tradition

Perspective & Structural Drawing for the Visual Arts

Al Green Sculpture.Studio.School

AutoCAD: George Brown College Continuing Education
(Warning: Revit may soon supplant AutoCAD)

Men with Tools, Sirens with Saws
I’ll find him again.

Pre-Apprenticeship Carpentry Training Program for Women
YWCA Toronto

Millinery Certificate
George Brown College Continuing Education


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Unions, Guilds and Associations


It is important to investigate apprenticeship options carefully to see which best fit your career aspirations. In some cases, you may belong to two, but in others, membership is mutually exclusive. Keep in mind that you need to balance the overhead of membership with income and benefit potential. Be realistic.

A valid driver’s license and a strong hard-skill set are basic requirements. Some require prior experience on independent productions. So, develop a good habit of well-organized documentation of your work. Create a file of proven competencies per production as your personal “wrap” or “strike.” The level of professionalism in your day to day work should assure that a mentor or colleague would be pleased to provide you with reference letters as the need arises.

While anti-union sentiment is endemic to our economic times, I would counter that sentiment with an invitation to read 19th century literature depicting the life-style of the working class. One has only to consider the novels of Dickens to appreciate the economic stability, work safety, and social dignity that the syndicate movement has brought to society at large. Also, the unions, guilds and associations provide the last bastion of paid, hands-on, mentorship available in North America. A good senior member takes that responsibility towards you seriously.


Associated Designers of Canada
ADC is a national, professional non-profit arts service organization dedicated to promoting, pursuing and protecting the interests of set, costume, lighting, projection and sound designers working within the performing arts in Canada.

The Directors Guild of Canada (National Office)
The Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) is a national labour organisation that represents over 3,800 key creative and logistical personnel in the screen-based industry covering all areas of direction, design, production and editing.

Ontario Office Trainee Assistant Art Director Guild Apprentice Program (GAP-Art Dept. P.A.)

I.A.T.S.E. Local 873
The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, it Territories and Canada.

N.A.B.E.T. 700 CEP
NABET 700 CEP is a union of film and television technicians that has serviced the greater Toronto area for over thirty years.


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