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Every Garden an Eden


Some of the works from this series were exhibited:

“CDFP 383 Digital Capture I Final Exhibit.”Heidelberg Centre. 125 Bond Street, Toronto, Canada. 12 April 2010.

“The Chang School Photography Juried Exhibit.” The Ryerson Gallery, 80 Spadina Street, Toronto, Canada.Blouse [Chemise] en mousseline de soie.” 2010.


Devil Radish. Enhanced Digital Scan. 2012.

Eden: Mushroom 8b. Enhanced Digital Scan. 2010.

Eden: Melon 2. Enhanced Digital Scan. 2011.


Eden: Passion [formerly Jack] Fruit 2. Enhanced Digital Scan. 2011.

Eden: Pear 16. Enhanced Digital Scan. 2010.

Eden: Sweet Potato 4. Enhanced Digital Scan. 2010.



See also the poem Every Garden an Eden



Eden: Passion Fruit, 2

Enhanced Digital Scan on Fuji Archive Crystal Lustre Paper. 2010.

8” x  8” image on 12” x 12” paper,
Signed by the artist within the border to collector standard.

White matte within 1” gilt gold wooden frame, to 20” x 20 “

Label of authentication on the back of framed work.

CN $ 700.00 + shipping costs.

$ 200.00 donated to Soiled and Seeded, Cultivating a Garden Culture for the remuneration of contributing journalists.


Every Garden an Eden is an ongoing series, which I’ve had the honour of publishing or exhibiting three times:
Only Mushroom 8b has not been previously shown. Pear 16 crop and Sweet Potato 4 were part of a triptych inspired by Victorian specimen boxes for Oscar Wolfman’s curatorial theme of The Creation Show Queen Gallery in Toronto in 2010. I’ve been unable to stop since: Passion Fruit 2 and Melon 2, I now remember, since the melon was grown in my garden, were created for Queen’s 2011, 50 / 50 Annual Juried Art Exhibition. Devil Radish appeared in The Fruits of Observation.” Soiled & Seeded - Cultivating a Garden Culture, Issue 8 (Summer 2012). Online Magazine. November 6, 2012.


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